I did a tarot card reading the other day that has had me reflecting heavily on the meaning of this card. In the reading, it came up as my significator and I immediately thought ‘how à propos’. I used to choose my own significators; always choosing more ‘mature’ cards like the magician or mother of cups as my significator. Letting the cards fall as they may is certainly a sign of the fool; fumbling blindly and a bit wrecklessly through this mortal coil.

The fool reminds me to not only follow my passions, but to really realise what they are. To ignore all of the lies the world has told me about what I’m supposed to want and to figure out what the fuck I actually want. To question it all. Everything single thing that is implied: monogamy, promotions, sexuality, self-expression, emotions, parenthood.  The fool reminds me to discard everything that is implied but does not fit. To figure out what does fit and act upon putting it in place. That nothing comes without perpetual motion. That if I stay in motion, the other bits will fall into place. To not just think about doing it, but actually do it. Try it on for size, prance around in it a bit. Figure out if it works and move on if it doesn’t. I thought I had done this last time I was in the fool’s position. Turns out I was wrong, which is precisely why I’m here again.

The fool also reminds me that I already have every single thing I need to stay in motion:

The sack: My job, my home, my family, and my support system.

The rose: Blind, beautiful faith in my passions. The thorns remind me to not follow them without thinking of the consequences.

The dog: The loyalty and trust of and for my circle that keeps me from falling off the cliff.

Above all else, the fool reminds me to stay a fool. To keep becoming instead of easing into the comfy clothes of the magician or the mother. To keep being in those spaces between things instead of settling in one place.


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