That tulip is one of a few flowering plants we have blooming at casa cushti right now. I love that it looks so alien.

I admit that I’m about 3 creative things behind in this endaevor, but I’m a HUGE amount ahead in terms of getting stuff together at casa cushti. This weekend I did ALL THE LAUNDRY and raked ALL THE LEAVES and pottered about in between social engagements.

The best part was that my ex FINALLY got the rest of his stuff out of my house.

No more randomly coming across stuff.

No more cringing at the thought of going to my basement.

No more ENDLESS conversations pleading with him to do it because having his stuff here after TWO YEARS wreaks a certain amount of havoc on my psyche.

Having his stuff here was a crazy cocktail of emotion for me, making me feel equal parts sad, angry, disrepected, hurt, resentful, nostalgic and mostly just stuck.

I deserve to be unstuck.

So does he.

But he did it. No excuses. Nothing came up. All of his stuff is gone.

While it still was a little sad, it’s a HUGE step in the right direction. One I hope I can ride out and face with optimism. I truly hope that with that one  big bone of contention out of the way we can work toward being more than just civil to each other. There are other things that need to be worked on, but this one was symbolic in so many ways.

The resident gypsy and I made use of yesterday’s sunshine and warmth to rake all of the dead leaves off the lawn and to clean out the gardens and was delighted to find that oodles of new irises and lilies and other lovelies were creeping their way to the sunshine.

Pig-dog and shark-dog got to hang outside all day. They were very happy, but very sleepy puppies last night.

Then we cozied up and made pseudo philly cheesesteak sandwiches and watched the GCB, which I adore more and more with every new episode. There are so many good one-liners.

I hope you all had tremendous weekends and founds reasons and ways to breathe a little easier and welcome tomorrows too.




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