I relate to this little mullein plant that greets me every morning at work. I watched her bear being snow-covered all winter long, Staving off the cold with the protection of her little rock friend. Not that I was covered in snow all winter long, but winter 2011/2012 was not a pretty scene of comfort for me in the least. I survived it too.

I love that she’s growing out of a rock with not a lot to sustain, but still her leaves remained green and fluffly through the winter. I love that her growth habit is kinda ‘fuck you, other mulleins. I don’t need to grow the way you do! I’ve got my rock for support!’ I kinda feel that way too. I’ve flipped the bird to a bunch who don’t support me in the ways I need and deserve to be supported in recent months. Some support is just not support. Sometimes it’s just people thinking they’re doing what’s best for you instead of allowing you to do what’s best for you, not hearing you, not understanding what YOU DO and ARE ABOUT. So fuck you, non-supporters. I don’t need your kind of support. I’ve got my rock too.

This is NOT the support I need’ has become my new mantra.

I’m still on a purging roll at casa cushti. I took time last night to put MY shit in MY basement. Imagine that! Reclaiming my space feels so good, but I just want to be doing that always. It’s hard to focus at work, but at least it affords me the time to really think through next steps and make lists and get shit done without getting overwhelmed and thinking I need to do ALL THE THINGS.

Tonight will be:

  • Cook a chicken
  • Organize my desk
  • Find a decent, shared-space home for the computer
  • Cut my hair
  • Work out a necklace idea (this will be my reward for getting *most* of the other things done – and I might not and that’s ok)

Please go read this post because Tracy is speaking for me today. Also download her Music To Not Slit Your Wrists To playlist. It might just make you not slit your wrists. So good.

This is also speaking for me today. Thanks, Good Men Project. I really needed that.

Happy afternoon, mes amis,



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