wood nymph

I was treated to a much needed and long overdue visit with some dear friends…rocks, really…in the wilds of the Haliburton highlands.

Vizzini is not quite convinced that he's a car dog, but he does ok

The city slipped away in a blink in spite of the hour and a half long ride to get up there. Being a carless wonder, I usually abhor long car rides, but time flies when you’re catching up with your lovelies, non?

The area itself is pretty magical, but my friends’ home is replete with oddities like a nithing pole, weird horse-relates paraphelia and a gazillion things made of wrought iron hanging in random places, all left by the previous owners that really make me scratch my head.

we're all adults here, I'm sure you can guess what the bottle is for

I covet that damn cow bell. Every porch should have one.

roughin' it in Maddens and a skirt 'cause that's how I roll

One of our camp works at the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Preserve (which you should really make a point of visiting if you’re in the area) as did many of the various and sundry visitors by over the weekend. There was a lot of talk that I really couldn’t relate to, as such, but it was interesting and fun to hear how others create and participate in community SO very different from my own.

sled-puggle! mush!

And, as is tradition, there was food. Lots and lots of delicious food.


playing reanimator?

I got to introduce a whole new slew of people to the deliciousness that is challah. This is the recipe I kinda, sorta follow.


And the sounds, people. The sounds. I wish there were more effective ways of capturing sounds. Everything from spring peepers to loons to woodpeckers to coyotes to crazy adults singing “deep fryyyyyyyyyer, in MY BED!!!”

Great weekend. Pitcher is filled. Was very glad to return to normal inner city living noises, but I love that I have that option to escape it all sometimes.


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