do as I say, not as I do

the foxglove vizzini peed on

Had a fantastic weekend doing fantastic things and some generally not so fantastic things, but things that feel fantastic to get done nonetheless.

Highlights include:

  • It was gorgeously sunny all weekend long, which instantly fills my pitcher.
  • A trip to the market in which pig-dog became my personal shopper by peeing on the plant I was contemplating buying.
  • Digging in two new little gardens and planting nasturtium, basil and parsley seeds in the sun with the daughter.
  • Had some productive chats with The Ex, which I feel have established a bit more credibility in each of our claims to have a better, friendlier relationship with each other.
  • Free comic book day and a fibre arts festival.
  • An outing to theatre with a couple lady loves to watch two very good friends of mine performed in an amazing play and being the riff raff section.
  • A wee bar shift training our gypsy and having a patron exclaim “you have THE BEST smile! Don’t you EVER lose that!”
  • Getting the lawn mowed and cooking a turkey dinner.

Unfortunately, most of that happened after I rather stupidly bent over for half an hour while I smashed pot shards down to used as filler/drainage in our herb pots. Not a smart move for a rather top-heavy lass. And, you know, I wasn’t about to be smart and STOP having fun and getting shit done. So now I’m paying the price of my bloody-mindedness and don’t get pain like this often enough to be equipped with the skills to deal with.

I’m a big baby, kittens. I might just die of back pain. Leave me behind. I am dead weight.

Yours in hyperbole,