I accidentally broke up a raccoon versus kitty fight tonight.

I really wish I hadn’t.

The cat was in bad shape.

Raccoons are not built to offend, but their defenses are mighty.

When an animal larger than a raccoon attacks it, the raccoon typically rolls over and goes at all of its soft spots, and rips apart the abdominal area.

I saw it a gazillion times at the animal shelter.

He was a large cat.

I knew where he came from. I used to run into him on my way to work all the time.

I wish I’d had the strength to break his neck and put him out of his misery, like we would on the farm. I wish I could have summoned that girl who was ok with ‘ironing’ pigs.

Instead, I took him to his home.

He was gone.

A ‘goner’.

D took care of him. He put him down. We buried him.

I still have his blood on my hands.

And on my shirt.

I feel sick.

I feel useless.

I guess, if it was my cat, I would want to know what happened.

I really wish I hadn’t happened upon that.


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