tired & vulnerable…and maybe a little but hungover

I’m feeling like a bit of a shite parent today. Yesterday was an incredibly rough day at work as we went through a restructuring that saw a few familiar faces, some of them I call friends, lose their jobs. Always a sad, scary and angering experience that leaves one feeling terribly vulnerable.

I ended up keeping the poor daughter up far later than I should have after inviting some nerds over for a much-needed steam-blowing. Trying to play that out today has been tough. I usually try to keep weeknights pretty quiet, but this was one of those things that needed to be done. I wasn’t in a position of ‘I’ll just put this venting off until the weekend after I’ve sat and stewed on it’. I needed friends. More so, I needed friends who could empathize and with whom I could share feelings and be silly with.

I feel terribly about keeping her up. That kind of stress-relief is difficult to explain to the sprog. I dread to say ‘next time I’ll plan better’, because I really don’t want a next time.


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