happy-making junk

After an impossibly hot, frustrating week of fretting and malaise and THE WORST shark week breakout I’ve had since my teens, the weather finally broke on all fronts (I do ALL THE PUNS) and has made for a weekend of recoup’ing and pitcher-filling in very homebody ways.

Yesterday was all about lying in after being up until stupid o’clock talking hip hop and romantic issues with the son. Verdict: Magna Carta…Holy Grail is a bit weak and hurting people are rarely rational people, but they’ll probably come around after a bit.

I really wanted to hole up at home and deal with the dishes/mopping/laundry that I’d neglected because of the heat all week, but we needed foods, so I ventured out to forage and managed a 5 top/cute earrings/lavender plant score for 10 clams.


One of the tops has a cute back and puffy sleeves thing going on that tickles my 80s-loving  fancy.


Food foraging resulted in bopping around in the kitchen making spaghetti sauce to the B52s. Kitchen dance parties are, like, the best things ever.


I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if the B52s were piped through all stressful spots like grocery stores, banks, work places. Who has time to argue with lovers, scream at sprogs, deny loans, or clench teeth in the face of coworker stupidity when Good Stuff is playing?

Have a dance party. It’s on me.

This post made me incredibly happy today because it put me good for a clue that Armpits4August is happening. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a big deal, yo. I know a bunch of women who deal with it and all of the challenges and heartbreak and body betrayal that go with it. I love that it directly addresses the hirsutism that is so often part and parcel of PCOS by encouraging folks to grow their pit hairs to gain pledges. I feel like it has the potential for ripples of goodness all over and definitely intend to participate even though I’m not really a shaver of pits anyway. Anyone wanna start a team?
I think it would be really fun if a bunch of us regular non-shavers (ahem, dude-friends, I’m lookin’ at you) did shave on the 31st of July and tracked progress/feelings/etc through the month.

That dude who sends my heart and loins a-flutter has been away recording an album for a bit. I know, I’m not supposed to be happy about his absence, but I get to think of him being all music-y and getting all hot and sweaty and generally being his awesome self in the world and then I get all:

But it’s also kinda nice to have people to miss, non? I’m always happy when the people I adore are out doing their things that make them happy and whole people. I feel especially lucky that I have a metric shit ton of people in my life who do that.


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