making space for making

I spent a good chunk of last weekend purging the wee arting space I have in my home and I’ve been a bundle of distraction ever since. It was a royal pain in the ass to get through all of the junk the sprogs had dumped in there (they decided, at some point, that it was a good idea to purge their junk into my femme cave and, since I hadn’t been using it for its intended purpose for quite some time, I neglected to notice that they had been doing so – still, ew. buggers) and into the mountains of sewing/quilting/arting/whatever supplies that I needed to deal with.

I went into purging with mindfulness and the strength of conviction. I know my hoarding habit all too well. That little homunculus that sits behind my eyes takes control, all too often declaring “but, but, but we might NEED that!!!” so I buttoned her lip but good and went about my merry way. The process of sorting supplies was inspiring in and of itself: handling fabrics and notions and paints and all manner of do-dads, all of which I adore for different reasons, and thinking hard about whether I truly saw myself working with them in the near future was cathartic. Envisioning those things I’ll let go end up in the craft bins of some preschool or the yarn collection of some mitten-maker rather than sitting my room, collecting dust and taking up space is comforting and exciting.

The process was a gentle reminder that I come up with my best ideas and do my best work when I push myself beyond my comfort zone. This is something of an ebb and flow in my creative life. I’ll always have go-to creative endeavors, like cooking and sewing basic things and the like, but I’ve been sat on a wealth of new ideas that I haven’t made mental or physical space to explore and it’s high time to do that.

The result is the purging of what is easily half of my collection of goodies. I only took back two bolts of solid knits because it was a bit foolish to let those go. I’m proud of it and I really hope they all find good homes.

My little maker’s cave is far from ready to be put to use. I still need to do some rearranging of furnishings so that I can move my gorgeous easel and painting junk up there and move some of the furnishings within the cave to other spaces, but soon it will be sorted and I likely won’t emerge from it for days once it’s ready.


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