tend to me. NOW!


So, I wanted to wind down my awesome weekend by chilling to tunes and puttering about the castle doing dishes and such…and I kinda did those things, but then I chose to multitask and started sorting things in other bits of the house between loads…and I kinda ended up quitting doing dishes about one load shy of all of the dishes being done as I found myself completely surrounded by embroidery equipment that needed my attention RIGHT THEN.

Well, one thing led to another and I found myself completely surrounded by not only embroidery gear, but all kinds of sewing notions, jewelry, beading supplies, boxes to be emptied and the like. So, while many of you were watching the VMAs, I was sorting and playing and admiring my fun but IN-FUCKING-SANE collections of goodies. And then I took a bath. And now here I am.

But I did get shit sorted. It’s amazing how many little, itty bitty, precious things I have for my arting and how crap I am at finding proper homes for things. Things have proper homes now.

I also took a bath and gave myself a pompadour and undercut my locks so I can kinda pull of said pompadour AND a ducktail when I do. I’ll probably need someone’s help correcting that in the not too distant future.

And I ate.

And walked the puggle.

And made earrings.

And posted stuff to sell on the interwebs.

And plonned what I’d like to see happen for the rest of the week…which will include more sorting and organizing, but also a date with watercolours that I’d promised myself tonight but didn’t get to because yay ADHD.


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