all about how I’m a prejudiced asshole

So, there’s a laser/botox/spot where people go to avoid the aging process joint across the road from my home. Yesterday, a woman pulled up who seemingly, to my judgey, asshole brain, could have been the poster child for such a joint: middle-aged, driving a high-end SUV, wearing a denim mini skirt, nicely coiffed hair and a jacket long enough to disguise the mid-section bulge that many of us end up with after having birthed little people and/or really enjoy beer and the air of someone who did not seem terribly comfortable with her aging self (it’s a Thing, I promise. I might have to get into that in another post).

This woman started walking in the direction of the anti-aging place, but then walked right past it! She walked right past it and deaked into the alley beside it and took part in a shifty, amateur transaction that I am pretty sure involved drugs because that shit happens there all the time.

My mind has been opened.


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