until next time, fairy godmother

a few hours ago I learned of the passing of one of the most righteous human beings I have ever known; my aunt Judy Bagshaw, my fairy godmother.

I know, you’re thinking “you mean “godmother”, Melanie”, but nope. I had a fairy godmother. I’m sorry if you didn’t have a fairy godmother/father/person and remind you that it’s never too late, but there was never any doubt to me or anyone who met her that she was, in fact, a fairy godmother. She didn’t have a magic wand or anything, but when she descended in a puff of perfectly donned frosty eyeshadow and thick mascara and infectious giggles and the voice of an angel who really liked coffee and pure, uncompromising love, one could not deny being in some sublime, magical presence.

Her magic was making people feel special. I remember feeling a bit jelly, a bit threatened upon learning that she had other special people in her life. She was MY fairy godmother. I didn’t want to share. I wanted to be her special goddaughter. I had a title, dammit! But such was her magic that giving of herself to so many others never ever diminished what she and I shared together.

Her magic was making people feel equal. When you shared space with Aunt Judy, it was a sacred space in which no one was too young or too old or too rich or too poor or too gay or too straight or too ambiguous or too sick or too weird or whatever to break bread, have a coffee and share a story with.

Her magic was learning the stories. Not just listening, but learning them. Putting them in her heart and holding them because we can’t each do all of the learning to be done through our own experiences because we just don’t have the time for that, but if we learn the stories and learn FROM the stories of others, we grow stronger and sturdier and have a chance of making the world a better place.

Her magic was knowing when it wasn’t her story to tell.

So much magic.

So much love.

So much fairy godmother dust sprinkled to SO many people.

Aunt Judy’s friend, Skyla has an amazing Evil for Judy thing going onhttp://www.skyladawncameron.com/2015/05/evil-for-judy/

Even if you didn’t know her, it’d be awesome to raise the magic and spread a little fairy dust.

peace and love,