simple foods

is there a culinary tradition that is about NOT seasoning food? all about food that tastes like itself? if so, I wanna play on that team.

don’t get me wrong, I adore and often use the plethora of herbs and spices that make for delectable, complexly flavoured dishes, but sometimes, I just want really, really simple food like tomatoes that taste like tomatoes and steak that tastes like steak.

that’s exactly what I made myself last night for supper:

bachelorette sup of NY strip loin + arugula/grape tomato/cremini stir fry. #homealone

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I found a lovely little New York strip loin steak at the grocer’s while I was foraging for food on my lunch break.

I heated some olive oil in my heavy cast iron pan over medium-high and seasoned it with just a wee pinch of salt, tossed the steak in along with some halved cremini mushrooms. I let that cook for about 7 minutes, flipping the steak halfway, then, while the steak rested, I added two handfuls of arugula and a quart of whole grape tomatoes to the pan and stir fried until heated through.

the results were so delicious, but most importantly, the flavour of each ingredient was true to itself. precisely what I was craving.


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