About moi, Melanie: I’m a single mum, developer whisperer and rebel without a clue who is a little bit Strawberry Shortcake and a little bit Dita von Teese.

About the blog: This is not a parenting blog. It’s also not a single parenting blog. Though you’re going to end up reading about my parenting foibles, my dating foibles, and my professional foibles (it’s inevitable as those are rather large parts of my life) if you stick around, you’ll probably also read some fiction, a lot about philosophy, art, politics, sex, religion (all the things good girls are not supposed to talk about) and end up with a massive pop culture hangover. People say I have an interesting life, so this is where I write about it.

Warning: I am wont to leaving the decision of truth or fiction up to you.

About the name: I figure I have a firm enough grasp on my native languages to engage in a little semantic proliferation. As such, metamorphoseuse is a completely made up word meaning ‘she who transforms’, in my little world.


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